Last Day To Go Crazy.

So, this morning I got up and told myself I was going to do this whole thing! Tomorrow I start my diet! And I’m also going to cut soda’s. Some people lose a lot of weight just drinking water so I thought that might be something to do. I’ve tried to do it before but I need to do it. There will be no try. And of course, I told myself all this after I ate breakfast while half asleep, so no picture of breakfast but I will indulge you with it’s contents:

Breakfast: Deliciously stupid buttery toast with sausage gravy from Whataburger. Had 3 slices.

Didn’t have lunch until almost 3 so…that was pretty bad. Lunch consisted of Pei Wei’s leftover (Dan Dan Noodles) from my sister who never eats her leftovers so they go in my tummy because I love Pei Wei!



Dinner: The birthday dinner my mom hasn’t made until today! We welcome Manicotti! Which is one of my all time favorites since I was a little kid! But no cheese, because I don’t like cheese! Yucky! I had a Coke with dinner. And also, a piece of bread.

Night Snack: Had chips and salsa and then Cake Batter, Oreo Creme, and Cinnamon ice cream mixed with cookie dough! YUM! Last night to have this snack!

Today, I also worked on many little projects of mine…I cleaned all of my tools for my practical exam on Thursday, so excited! Also I have an interview on Tuesday I might need some of said tools for. Wondering what kind of tools? Hair tools! I’m a cosmetologist and I just graduated from Ogle Beauty School.


So a lot is going on in my life that is really positive right now, which is good! I’m restarting my life, I have a new career and now going to finally shed my poundage. So let’s get started!(:


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