So today I woke up from a really bad dream. For some reason, my biological brother was actually a foster child and the government took him away from me. It was really sad, I think I might have cried for real. I’m very attached to my siblings. I stayed in bed browsing my computer till about 11:30 am, when my mom came in saying she was hungry.

Attention! Breakfast! It consisted of leftover pulled pork wrapped in an amazing blanket that we mexicans love called a tortilla(tortiya, picstitch (1)is the pronunciation, please don’t say the ‘ll’s’ that’s just bad) with some bbq sauce, it didn’t taste as good as I was imagining but it did the trick.

Then I exercised on Wii Fit(don’t judge me!) for about 16 minutes. Then Mom threw something really tempting at me. It’s called Eclipse movie time! The third of the series of Twilight. My fave.(Again. Don’t judge me.) Around 2 pm right before the movie started I decided to cook me a delicious little lunch made my Compleats meals. Chicken Marinara. In the pic is Beef Stew but I forgot to take a pic of the food before I ate it. That was the closest thing I had. I also had a snack around 3 and that was a cup of Apple Jacks! One of my favs.

picstitch (2)Dinner: baked chicken with rice and green beans. It was really good but a sucky clean up, my mama made so many dirty dishes, good thing I only had to dry while she washed(: The boys fought over lemon pepper the whole dinner…I was too I love lemon pepper.

Night snack: was two amazing wildberry poptarts, and an ounce of bbq chips… was good!

To drink all day? I had nothing but WATER!!!!! That is…unheard of I never drink water, but alas, water it was. But it has to be flavored water, I hate regular water it tastes like water and minerals.

Well, that was my day, so my little birds. Until tomorrow, night night!

Breakfast: 6.5 pts   Lunch: 6 pts    Snack: 3 pts    Dinner: 9 pts    Snack: 12 pts   Snack: 4 pts


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